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Arsi Industries

Established in 1950 Arsi Industries is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of incense sticks and agarbatties, which are well known for their quality internationally.

Arsi Industries was initially promoted by Late. Shri. RasikLal Shah by supplying his products to the agarbatties fraternity of the country. The company has advantage of preserving the traditional art and science of making incense sticks (agarbatties) and incense paste (Dhoop) in India.


Social Responsibility

In early 60’s Ahmedabad the famous Manchester of Indian textile industry broke down badly and most of the textile units close down. The Women whose husbands or other male earning family members were laid-off from the city’s textile mills and as the consequence the severe unemployment effected the families working there. To re-establish these families a noble thought came in the mind of Mr. Rasik Lal Shah by generating employment opportunities to women members of such family to achieve their goals of self-reliance. Even today approximately 1200 families are associated with us.

Incense Products

Incense has been in use in India since mythical periods. It gives refreshment to the body and soul by releasing fragrant smoke. Incense is essential for religious, therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. We prepare incense from aromatic plant matter in addition to essential oils.

  • Fancy Fragrance: Essential oil, both synthetic and natural is used to manufacture the Fancy Fragrances. These agarbatties spread the element of freshness in the environment. & Can be used as efficient Room Freshness.
  • Floral Fragrance: These fragrances are made with the help of nature’s bountiful flora and fauna. Pleasant and sublime in nature they not only set the right mood during meditations and devout offerings but also have a calm and soothing effect. A good thing about Floral Agarbatties is that its fragrances linger in the room long after the Agarbatties have burnt out.
  • Masala (Flaxo Incense) / Herbal Fragrances: Made from essential oils, these agarbatties bring with them the freshness of flowers that obliges the heart and the soul. These incense sticks last longer and its fragrance lasts even longer.
  • Dhoop Sticks: This is a special combination of natural herbs and essential oils to give a soothing effect and total refreshment. One of the forms of this making is called cones (when in a conical shape). The unique part of this product is that we do not use any sticks to hold the material.

Apart from the present range, we compound special method, prepare custom thickness, length, and include brand identity for customizing our clients’ business and marketing needs.

Quality Control

The constant flow of product innovation and more than 1200 people’s workforce has made Arsi the pre-eminent provider for incense stick and Dhoop. Arsi products have set the quality standards for the industry from which all related products are compared. We hope to continue tradition of quality and innovation in years to come.

Incense Products

The Company is committed to manage customers satisfaction and work closely with our buyers, dealers and distributors to ensure that mutually agreed upon targets and goals are set, achieved and reviewed. Repeat or reference orders from our dealers/distribution channels thereby emphasize our adherence to commitment and quality.

Arsi offers convenient ordering procedures, and can have products delivered quickly by means of our well-knit network. We, at Arsi, control and maintain reliability and efficiency towards sustaining product loyalty manufactured at all the 3 manufacturing units.

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